Helping you move better, grow stronger and discover new life

The AntiFragile method can heal conditions that cause pain and improve your movement and mobility so you can live your life. We evaluate your condition and provide a treatment plan. Our approach addresses many situations, including:

  • Providing pain relief

  • Increasing flexibility or improve mobility

  • Rehabilitating after an accident, injury, stroke or surgery

  • Preventing future disability, surgery, or injury

  • Developing balance, eliminating dizziness/vertigo

  • Managing chronic illnesses

  • Maximizing performance in triathlon and running

  • Improving body symmetry and aesthetics

  • Achieving optimal weight and body composition

  • Hitting PRs and feeling stronger than ever



Get to know me.

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Coach located in Orange County, CA with over 15 years of experience in the field.  I integrate the best of rehabilitative therapy, fitness and performance training, and lifestyle coaching to help you optimize your mind and body. I utilize a hands on approach to decrease pain, guide the body toward optimal movement, and create lasting change. Whether your goal is healing from illness or injury, recovering from TBI, bouncing back after surgery, eliminating dizziness, improving your strength in the gym or conquering your next triathlon, run or obstacle course race, my mission is to dig deeper to help you live your best life.  I have the heart of a teacher and I've learned that I am at my best when I am guiding you to be YOUR BEST


Personal Highlights

When I'm not working, I love spending time with my son, Owen (born in 2022), and my wife, Bree (especially if it's out in nature). We enjoy camping, climbing, hiking, bike rides and playing at the beach. Since becoming a dad, I've had less time for competitions, but I'm a competitor at heart.



  • Rowed stroke seat in the Grand Final of the Collegiate Lightweight 8+ National Championships

  • 1st American finisher (in division) in the Sprint Triathlon Amateur World Championships in Australia

  • Competed in Half-Ironman World Championships

  • Competed in the Boston Marathon

  • Avid rock climber

  • American Ninja Warrior Competitor (Season 10)

The AntiFragile Project Teaches You to See Change as Opportunity

Our lives all experience change. We cannot control that, but we can control our reaction to change. Improving your quality of life through life’s changes requires focusing on building resilience to the twists and turns life can take.

‚Äč From acknowledging and processing your feelings to examining how you think about change, the AntiFragile approach decreases your stress and helps you see change as an opportunity in disguise.

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