Meet Charlie Honest!


Charlie Honest is the owner and expert behind Fitness by Charles and Elev8 Performance is honored to partner with him to provide excellent service to our members.

Charlie has always had a passion for health and fitness.  Growing up, he was involved in all sports but basketball was his true love.  He crafted his skills and body to endure a successful college basketball career. His love for strength and conditioning lead to his increased athletic ability and overall performance in life. 

Now, Charlie's goal is to help other people learn to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Charlie's passionate about helping other people get stronger. 


Charlie's love for sports allowed him to understand how being physically stronger can significantly improve your overall quality of life and now we wants to help you find your inner athlete. 

When Charlie is not training clients or working on furthering his education, you can find him spending time with his two amazing daughters. Being physically active is a high priority in Charlie's own life so he can ultimately be the best dad for his girls. 

"To me fitness is more than just lifting weights. It’s a lifestyle which includes working out, eating healthy and also getting the proper rest needed to recover." - Charlie Honest 



As a partner coach with Elev8 Performance, Charlie coaches 1:1 members. Watch the video below for a sneak peak of what working out with Charlie is like.


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