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I’ve been overweight my whole life, especially into my college years. I would always tell myself the same lie every morning, you’re born to be fat or skinny. You’re fat. One day I woke up and was about to tell myself the same lie and caught myself. I took responsibility for where I am today and I’m ready to take initiative for my life and health. I topped out at 220# 2011, lost 20# through dieting, did p90x lost another 30# and that just put me on the other end of the spectrum, just skinny. So I found myself furthering my fitness journey by shifting the focus from bodybuilding to powerlifting. Fast forward 10 years and it put me through cycles of bodybuilding, powerlifting, power bodybuilding, did 2 men’s physique shows, an Olympic weightlifting comp, I’ve done almost every diet under the sun, and it put me in a position to be able to relate to a wide spectrum of people. I’ve been coaching since 2017 and I’ve never looked back. 


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